Our Vision

As an open-access school, Morris Jeff Community School embraces learners of all backgrounds and holds each student to high expectations. Our students are provided with a deep, rich curriculum that engages them in inquiry, develops strong critical thinking skills, and challenges them to a new level of learning. As an IB World School, we aim to prepare students to become lifelong learners and global citizens.

We see ourselves as a model of transformative public education in our city and beyond. Our school continues to collectively imagine and build one of the most diverse public schools in the history of New Orleans where all students are able to thrive.  

Our graduates are:

  • Empowered Dreamers: Understand self and community, and possess a strong sense of purpose, vision, and power.  
  • Global Citizens: Recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet.  
  • Equity Champions: Act courageously with empathy for all people, rooted in personal accountability, humility, collaboration, and a sense of justice.
  • Relentless Learners: Demonstrate curiosity, academic excellence, and habits of lifelong learning.  

Morris Jeff Community School graduates affect positive change and help to create a better and more peaceful world.

Our Mission

Morris Jeff Community School offers an education that is a source of freedom and possibility for all students, permitting them to develop their talents fully, become contributing global citizens, and attain the foundation needed to excel at college, career, and beyond.

Our Beliefs

Morris Jeff Community School is committed to diversity in education and to providing a learning environment that is child-centered and fosters personal, creative, and academic excellence. In preparing new generations of New Orleanians to impact the world, the school holds to these beliefs that guide us in decision-making.


Proclaiming that all students of our city have the right to high-quality education regardless of barriers.


Creating a school where the students, families, and faculty reflect the diversity of our city.


Fostering practices that develop students’ capacity to build knowledge, master essential skills, think critically and creatively, and develop intellectual confidence.


Engaging the talents, time, and imagination of students, families, and community members to be partners in the vision and the work of our educational community.


Developing students’ ability to communicate in multiple forms and in more than one language to foster their cultural competence and global awareness.


Believing that it is our responsibility to organize ourselves to be a powerful voice for the success of public education.


Attracting the highest quality educators and respecting their capacity as professionals by creating an environment where teachers are supported to develop their full potential.