Welcome to the Morris Jeff Family Partnership (MJFP)!  We are the parent organization for the school, and our mission is to support and enhance the educational experiences of Morris Jeff Community School students.  Everyone is a member and there are no dues. 

Connect to the School and Community of Families

Volunteer Opportunities:  We ask that every parent commit to at least 10 volunteer hours during the year.  There are so many different ways you can help; you can find or create something that works for you. You will need to complete a background check before you can volunteer at school events.  Background check forms may be found in the school office. Add your name to volunteer database by sending an email with your full name and preferred email address to Janet Smith at jbsmith5@uno.edu.

There are Classroom Volunteer Options:  field trips, reading books in class, helping find classroom speakers, and Room Parent-the vital link that helps the families connect with classroom and school activities.

There are Family Partnership fun activities and fundraising events – Back-to-School Picnic, annual school fair called Feria de Primavera, catfish dinners, teacher appreciation dinners, Bayou Boogaloo, restuarant dine-out nights, and family nights. There is also a group just for dads/grandfathers: Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students).

There are School Sponsored fun activities and fundraising events – Fall Family Literacy Night, the annual Community Gala, Grandparent’s Day to support the Library Fund, and GiveNOLA Day.

MJFP Leadership Team Contacts:  

Rachel Nicolosi, President, literacyrachel@gmail.com

Grace Rose, Chair, gracemarierose@yahoo.com

Carolina Lia-Barnes, Vice President, Carolia117@gmail.com

Debbie Wendell, Treasurer, debbiewendell@gmail.com

Sarah Douglas, Secretary, sjcastag@gmail.com

Jason Friedrich, WatchDOGS, jason@deltaworldtire.com

Janet Barnwell-Smith, Volunteers, jbsmith5@uno.edu

Marion Smith, Volunteers, mdar504@hotmail.com

Jessica Fridge, Room Parent Coordinator, jessfridge@gmail.com