Bus Transportation Information

Please contact Apple Bus Company at (504) 241-4466 for the following: 

  • When the bus is over 15 minutes late
  • When the bus doesn’t show up
  • Consistent problems
  • Bus driver concerns

Please contact the Operations Manager on campus for the following:

Elementary & Middle School: Alisha Hayes, (504) 373-6258 ext. 25876, ahayes@morrisjeffschool.org
High School: La J’ean Hunter, (504) 355-0210 ext. 308, lhunter@morrisjeffschool.org 

  • Move or transportation address change
  • Phone number change
  • Discipline issue
  • Major bus concerns

Please complete the following forms as needed for your child. We do our best to accommodate all requests as quickly as possible. 

  • Bus transportation can be requested prior to each quarter when the Learning Choice Survey is sent to Morris Jeff families.
  • If a student needs a long term change to a stop, a Bus Change Request Form must be completed by the parent/guardian. Please expect a 1-2 week turnaround time. 

Lopez Campus Carpool & Walkup Information

Morris Jeff is committed to health and safety, demonstrating respect to all, and dismissing students to families with efficiency. Your actions are key to our safe, caring community.

  • Permits are required to pick up children in carpool or walkups. This will be strictly enforced. If you don’t have a permit while in line, our staff will direct you to the office to get one. The front office can issue additional permits when parent/guardian shows ID verification. Permits are not required to drop-off students in the morning.
  • Handicap parking spaces are only for those with handicapped parking permit.
  • When parking, do not block the driveways of our neighbors.
  • Pedestrians need to cross only at crosswalks.

NOTE! Students in Grades 4-8 may walk or ride home from school or after-school activities unsupervised with parent/guardian permission. Parents/guardians give permission during registration or can submit the Walk/Ride Home Unsupervised Permission Form. This form must be completed annually for each child.

Clark Campus Carpool Information