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Last night, the school learned that one of our rising 8th grade students was tragically killed in New Orleans East. Juelz Brock attended Morris Jeff Community School since 1st grade. He was active on middle school sports teams and a great student. We are deeply saddened by this loss to one of our own, and are working to come alongside his family as a community.

A middle school administrator visited each eighth grade class this morning to share the news and offer support. Students and staff were encouraged to step out to speak to our school counselors as they desired. School counselors provided space and care for individual students throughout the day. The school will continue to offer counseling support to students and staff at all campuses as long as needed.  

We have asked the family for ways that we can help. When the family provides us with their needs, we will let you know.

For families needing resources to assist in supporting your children, please refer to the links here from the Children’s Bureau: Reactions of Adolescents After a Loss and Reactions of School-age Children After a Loss

Morris Jeff Community School incorporates and promotes restorative practices and de-escalation strategies with our students, models ways to solve our disagreements through our words, and seeks ways to make our city a safer place for children.  This senseless loss of life pains us and moves us to work even harder to seek ways to curb gun violence in our city, through collaboration with other schools, partners, and city leaders.


Patricia Perkins
Head of School