Morris Jeff partners with James Whigham of TSS Photography/JWP Studio for school portraits. Typically, middle and high school student photos are taken at Orientation before the first day of school. “Picture Day” is scheduled in early fall for our elementary students. Photo retakes for all students are taken in October. Retakes are only available to families who purchase photos. Students desiring a photo retake should bring photos in on retake day and tell their teacher/advisor that they wish to have their photo retaken.

School photos are available on the JWP Studio website at for preview and to place orders anytime. Families must enter an email address to access their child’s photos. Orders are shipped directly to the address chosen by the family.

  • Fall Student Photos (PK-8th) – Event #27109875
  • Fall Student Photos (High School) – Event #2124242
  • High School Sports – Event #2118309

All questions regarding orders, etc. can be directed to JWP Studio at their website or by calling 504-393-0014. TSS Photography/JWP Studio is eager to make parents happy with their child’s school or sports photos. They desire to work with families directly to retake photos or refund as necessary.