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With the assistance of Dr. Camille Galanes-O’Neill (Dr. G-O), MJCS has the opportunity to adopt a school in Puerto Rico and help provide essential student supplies. A description of the school and requested items are listed below. We are asking families to send funds for supplies (not the actual items) by Friday, Dec. 1. MJCS will use those funds to purchase supplies and have them sent directly to the school. Each grade level has chosen an item and the approximate costs are listed below.

School Description

Escuela Cruz Rosa Rivas is a public school serving students in grades K-5 in Manati, Puerto Rico. Because of Hurricane Maria, the school has encountered many difficulties in their quest to offer a solid educational experience to 320 students. This list contains the items that the principal (Mr. Angel Barzana Santiago) and his staff compiled.

The school has a registry on Amazon with a wish list in case anyone wants to donate more items.