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Student-Led Conferences are an integral part of our IB student-centered learning environment at Morris Jeff. On Friday, September 14, there is no school for students. Parents and students participate in a 30-minute conference at the school with the child’s teacher (PreK-5th grade) or advisor (Grades 6-10). Students reflect on their beginning of the year academic skills, last year’s state test scores (if applicable) and current study and social habits in their classes. Students are challenged to make goals for the year based on their reflection, forward thinking, and current skills. All of this is shared at the conference with the teacher or advisor and the parents to support the student.
At the end of the year, on May 24, Morris Jeff offers the same format with the students sharing their progress throughout the year, celebrating and reflecting on accomplishments and lessons learned, while creating next steps to prepare to move forward in the summer and into the next school year.
If your child’s teacher (PreK-5th grade) or your child’s advisor (Grades 6-10) has not reached out to set an appointment, you may have missed their email or phone call. Please contact them at your earliest convenience to set up your conference. You can find our faculty list HERE.