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Here are the changes to School Lunch and Breakfast for the 2022-23 school year. School Breakfast and Lunch are a component of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). NSLP is a federal meal program that provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost, or free lunches to students each school day.

For the past two school years, pandemic-related relief funding has provided school meals free of charge to all students regardless of income. That funding has not been renewed for the 2022-23 school year. The cost for school meals will correspond with your student’s Free/Reduced lunch eligibility for this year. (Free/Reduced Status must be applied for and obtained each school year.) If students qualify for Free/Reduced, their meals will be either free or at a reduced rate. If students do not qualify for Free/Reduced, their meals will be charged at full price. Parents are responsible for paying for those meals.  

Every year, parents MUST complete the School Lunch Application to see if their student qualifies for Free or Reduced Lunch. Even if you do not believe you qualify, we encourage you to complete the application and check the box “I do not qualify” at step one. We understand that both the pandemic and other factors may have changed your family’s household income level in the last few years. Even if you have not previously been eligible, we strongly encourage you to apply this year. Certain state relief programs like P-EBT and disaster-related temporary assistance also use the Free/Reduced Lunch status information to determine eligibility.



Are menus of what is going to be served to students available? Yes, menus can be found Food Service page on our website, along with other details about food service at school.

How much do school meals cost?

If my student does not qualify for free lunch, will my student be charged? Yes, students are billed for food received like they would if they went through the cafeteria line at their campus. Parents are responsible for paying for meals in a timely manner. 

Will the school be serving Breakfast and Lunch? Yes.

I know we do not qualify for free/reduced lunch. Do I have to fill out the form? Yes, check the box on the 1st page after the guideline that states “I do not qualify.” *Please note: If your household situation changes at any time, we encourage you to complete the form again to find out if you may qualify for free or reduced lunch. Everyone needs to fill out the application even if they know they receive direct certification or that they do not qualify at all.  

How can I check to see if my student has a food balance? You can sign up for a MySchoolBucks account with the Healthy School Food Collaborative to see real-time food balances and pay on your student’s account. 

What are the payment options? Cash or check at the front office of your student’s campus or you can register for a Healthy School Food Collaborative MySchoolBucks account to pay online via credit card. 

How can I create or access a MySchoolBucks account? Visit the Online Payments page of our website to learn how. MySchoolBucks is a website and a mobile app.

How often will I receive a paper bill? Bills are distributed monthly, but you can check your balance any time by registering for a MySchoolBucks account for Healthy School Food Collaborative.

Can my student bring lunch or breakfast to school? Yes, your student may bring a lunch or breakfast to school that is prepared at home. However, food that is purchased at a fast food restaurant or a restaurant that has a brand name logo on its packaging is not permitted to be served in our cafeterias.  

Can I drop off lunch or breakfast to my student at school? No, your student is not able to receive a forgotten lunch/breakfast through the front office during the school day. Rather, your student will be offered a school lunch/breakfast. No student items, lunch or otherwise, are permitted for drop off in the front office.

If you need further assistance, please contact the school office.