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One HOUR Early Dismissal on Thursday! School closed for Mardi Gras on Feb 21-28.

Middle and high school parents were sent personalized confidential information necessary for access to our new school informational system, Powerschool, on September 19, 2018. Parents and students can view classes, assignments and grades as well as attendance in this online portal. Either parents or students can track a child’s academic progress from any location that has internet access. If you do not have internet access, the public library has computers available to access your child’s records. Our school offices also offer computer access and assistance as needed.

The LINK to access this portal is:

Here are more detailed instructions for those who may be experiencing difficulty in accessing PowerSchool as a parent.Screenshot of Student and Parent login for PowerSchool with an arrow pointing to where parents can Create an Account

1. Parents are required to CREATE an ACCOUNT in a web browser either on a mobile device or computer (see screenshot)

2. Parents create their own username and password for your PowerSchool parent account.

3. When linking students to your account, use “Your Confidential ID” and “Your Password” in the parent information letter. Do not use your child’s ID and password when creating your parent account.

Please note: After you create your parent account in a browser first, you’ll be able to access the PowerSchool Mobile app with your newly-created parent username and password. Our school code is QCJP.

Since we are releasing this portal for first time, we are aware of the potential for technical issues. Please be patient as we correct any errors that may be found. Please message Crystal Daspit at if you need further assistance or if you did not receive your confidential information necessary for activating this important communication tool.