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Based on local circumstances and recommendations from Children’s Hospital LCMC and New Orleans Public Schools, Morris Jeff is transitioning to a 10-day quarantine (formerly 14-days).

After Day 10, the quarantine can end without testing if no symptoms have been reported during daily monitoring at home. With this strategy, residual post-quarantine transmission risk is estimated to be about 1% with an upper limit of about 10%. Continued symptom monitoring and masking through Day 14 is still required.

By reducing the number of days persons may be required to quarantine to 10, it is our hope that less of a burden will be placed on our families and staff. Please keep in mind that not all Morris Jeff families have access to rapid testing sites due to cost, language barriers, transportation issues, and other reasons. We appreciate your fluidity and understanding during this international pandemic.

Testing is currently recommended for students with 1 major symptom or at least two minor symptoms.

If we do not receive results within 48 hours, your child’s class will likely be asked to quarantine at home until the results are presented or 10 days, whichever comes first.

Please screen your child for symptoms prior to leaving the house. Do not send children with symptoms to school. Students with seasonal allergies and/or asthma need medical documentation confirming the diagnosis.

Unless the school was provided with pre-planned absence notice (funeral, family emergency, etc) any student who misses more than 2 days of school will need a negative COVID test, a doctor’s note, or a 10-day quarantine to return to in-person learning.

If you have any questions, please contact the school nurse at

Thank you for doing your part to keep the Morris Jeff Community healthy.