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This school year our middle school has been located in a “swing space” on Esplanade Avenue due to our expanding elementary population.  While the “28 campus” has been a great location for our middle school, the building itself is an ongoing challenge and below par for what our students and staff deserve. The building does not have an elevator. The plumbing system is a constant issue. The HVAC system is unreliable most of the time and leaks throughout the building. It is on NOLA Public Schools’ list of facilities that have a 55% or higher Facilities Condition Index and is likely to not be in permanent use for a school. Unfortunately, we have been forced to invest in too many repairs and very high maintenance costs to keep it in sustainable operation.  

Last month, NOLA Public Schools invited us to apply for another site for our middle school and today Dr. Lewis announced that Morris Jeff’s middle school has been sited to the beautifully renovated Drew campus. The middle school will move this summer and begin the 2022-23 school year at 3819 St. Claude Avenue, NOLA 70117.  

We hope to host a celebratory open house event in early fall so families can come and see our new middle school home. We are thrilled and grateful.  

As you may be aware, our high school still needs a permanent home. I want to assure you that I continue to work every day to acquire a school facility that our high school students and staff deserve. The process continues to be lengthy, political, and challenging – but we will persevere as we always have. 

What makes our school great is the Morris Jeff culture of caring, being respectful to others, having top-notch faculty and staff, and putting student learning first. Thank you for entrusting your children to us every day.

Patricia Perkins
Head of School