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On Tuesday evening, November 26, Ms. Perkins held a special parent meeting in the library of the Lopez campus to discuss the Morris Jeff’s School Performance Scores (SPS) from the 2017-18 school year. About thirty parents representing all grade levels attended and engaged in a brief discussion following the formal presentation.

The presentation began with a deeper look at Morris Jeff’s commitment to the International Baccalaureate program and how that commitment guides our efforts related to teacher development, curriculum decisions and goals for all students at our school. Before moving on to a deeper look at our school’s academic data, Ms. Perkins highlighted core values of open access, inclusion and diversity and explained implications of these priorities.

The middle segment of the presentation was focused on an explanation of Louisiana’s changing accountability system and how Morris Jeff’s SPS was calculated in particular, as a growing, combined school with elementary and high school students.  Ms. Perkins shared specific data used in calculating the overall SPS, while celebrating aspects of our school that are not immediately apparent in the single number and letter grade. In particular, Ms. Perkins explained the school’s Progress Index, how it is calculated and what this means for our school, given our unique population. Ms. Reznik, our Teacher Development (TAP) and Academic Data Coordinator,  further explained a measure known as the DCAI, which gives information about the success of students after they leave 8th grade, emphasizing the strength of the middle school program.

Since the school accountability system in Louisiana has changed over the last few years, the state reports to schools how scores from the previous year would have been if the new system were in place.  Of note, Morris Jeff is one of the few schools that made real progress from year to year, when measured using the same, more rigorous system.

The final segment of the presentation outlined next steps for Morris Jeff, many of which are already being implemented.  Ms. Perkins explained the school’s continued use of state-suggested, aligned Tier 1 curricula in both math and ELA at all levels of the school.  In addition, efforts to develop teachers in the use of these materials, as well as formative assessments and the data they provide were explained in more detail.  

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