Friday, May 18, 2018

8:00 am - 3:30 pm

Our annual end-of-the-year Field Day is designed for all students to enjoy outdoor physical competition with their classmates. For PYP,  the day begins with an Olympic-themed Opening Ceremonies in lieu of Morning Meeting. Classes compete as the countries represented on their classrooms. PreK, K and 1st grade classes hold their activities in the playground area in the morning. 2nd-5th grades and 6th-9th grades will be bussed to their field events at City Park’s Scout Island in separate rotations. Bagged lunches from our cafeteria are available to students. All students, faculty and volunteers are encouraged to bring their own water bottle, wear sunscreen, hats and comfortable shoes. The PYP Closing Ceremonies will culminate in the gym at 2:30pm, while the MYP/HS awards will be presented at the Scout Island before returning to school on the buses in time for dismissal.

Parents and community volunteers are welcome for all parts of Field Day.

Sign up HERE for PreK-1st Field Day in MJCS playground. 

Sign up HERE for Grades 2-5 MORNING Field Day at Scout Island, City Park.

Sign up HERE for Grades 6-9 AFTERNOON Field Day at Scout Island, City Park.

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