Morris Jeff Community School is committed to diversity in education and to providing a learning environment that is child-centered and fosters personal, creative and academic excellence. The International Baccalaureate Organization provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum framework for students around our globe. Our school is proud to be an authorized World School of the IBO.

In preparing new generations of New Orleanians to impact their city, the country and the world, Morris Jeff will espouse the following values:


Holding this truth to be self-evident, that all children have the potential to learn at the highest levels and develop into life-long learners.


Creating a school where the students, parents and faculty reflect the racial and economic diversity of our city and our neighborhood.


Fostering practices that develop children’s capacity to master basic skills, think critically, engage creatively and develop intellectual confidence.


Attracting the highest quality educators, by respecting their capacity as professionals and creating an environment in which teachers are supported to develop their full potential.


Engaging the talents, time, and imagination of parents and community members to be co-creators in the vision and the work of our educational community.


Exposing children to language diversity from a young age to develop their linguistic capacity and global awareness.


Believing that it is our job to organize ourselves to be a powerful voice for the success of public education.