Tonight is Report Card Night, 4 - 7 PM. Art Show in the Lopez gym!

Morris Jeff Community School is an Authorized IB World School offering the Middle Years Programme (MYP) to our middle school students. The MYP is a challenging, five-year program that encourages students to make connections between subjects and apply their knowledge to the real world. The MYP begins in Grade 6 (Year 1) ending with Grade 10 (Year 5).   In Years 1 through 3, middle school students take eight subjects:

  • Arts (Performing or Visual)

  • Design

  • Individuals and Societies

  • Language Acquisition

  • Language and Literature

  • Mathematics

  • Physical and Health Education

  • Science

In Year 3, all middle school students complete the Community Project where students, individually or collaboratively, complete a service project that they design which addresses needs in our school or greater community.

The MYP is meant to teach students academic independence, in addition, to develop MYP students’ personal, social and emotional well-being. It offers students opportunities to:

  • develop their potential

  • explore their own learning preferences

  • take appropriate risks

  • reflect on, and develop a strong sense of personal identity.