A Letter From the Principal

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Morris Jeff Community School. We are very happy at our “new temporary” home on Esplanade Avenue. This year marks our 4th year of operation, now with grades Pre-K (4 year olds) through 5th grade. As I write this letter, a new, state of the art school building is being constructed for us at 200 South Lopez. We anticipate moving to our permanent home there during the 2015 school year. We proudly honor the legacy of our namesake, Morris F.X. Jeff, one of our city’s most dedicated children’s advocates.

We are very proud to have been named a World School of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) after three hard years of training, writing, interviewing, and planning and implementing units of inquiry. Morris Jeff is the only elementary school in Louisiana with the IBO World School designation. We have built a program of study that is both developmentally appropriate for young children and challenging to their growth as students. Our Primary Years Programme offers a rigorous curriculum that crosses disciplines and aligns with many of the Common Core State Standards for learning. When children leave us as 8th graders, they will each be able to communicate in at least two languages, English and Spanish, and be prepared for academic excellence at whatever high school they choose.

The name of our school includes a key term – “community” – which is central to our mission for educating children. We believe that when a community genuinely focuses on the education of children and supports them in all aspects of their development, we contribute to producing engaged, talented, creative and caring young people who are prepared to contribute to our democracy in a powerful way. Our children will be prepared to be tomorrow’s leaders. We are responsible to give them the support and guidance that will enable them to be productive and successful contributors to our community.

I am excited to work together with each of you as we continue to build a strong community around the children of Morris Jeff. Welcome to Morris Jeff Community School. My door is always open, and I invite you to visit often.